Battle of the Spring Finales: Vampire Diaries

We’ve finally reached the finale for all of our favorite spring shows. And while some finales were so O-M-G! Others were so Oh-Please! The question is which finale was the best of the best? Let’s recap each show and decide shall we? Time for some Vampire Diaries.

Let’s get real: I was expecting more from the season finale. “The Sun Also Rises” was so dramatic, so intense, so action-packed and sad that I was crying in my living room. No, really. (Damn hormones) And I think that should have been the finale with Damon’s wolf bite as a cliffhanger to hold us over until the new season. But the CW likes 22 episodes per season, so Vampire Diaries made “As I Lay Dying” the finale rather than a season premiere.

This picture of Klaus is hilarious. Photo: Vampire Diaries Wiki

However, it was a good, strong episode. Damon apologizes to Elena who doesn’t want to hear it. Then he attempts suicide by sunlight. Stefan’s not having any of that so he locks him in the basement and goes to Bonnie for help. But Bonnie can’t help him because her ancestors hate Damon. So Stefan turns to an unlikely source for help: Klaus. Yeah, Klaus didn’t die. How his brother Elijah didn’t get the hidden meaning in “I’ll take you to our family” paired with Klaus’ evil smirk, I don’t know. Big mistake though. Because he kills Elijah! And now no one can kill him (until we find a way next season).

"Human...Blood..Yum..." Photo: The CW

Klaus forces Stefan to drink down human blood and become a crazy, human-killing vampire again. Because he wants someone to bromance with. Don’t we all? After Stefan drinks down like a gallon of human blood, Klaus gives Katherine his own blood — the cure for the wolf bite — to give to Damon. But will she give it to him? She’s on vervain. Skank.

Elena finds Damon on the brink of death. Photo: The CW

Meanwhile Elena finds out about Damon. She can only be sad for a short time because the Sheriff has set Damon lose in an attempt to kill him and save her job, even though Alaric told her not to (because Damon is CRAZY right now and hallucinating and sweating like Val Kilmer in Tombstone).

The Sheriff shoots at Damon, who dodges it. So instead she’s killed Jeremy! Nice shot. Predictably, Bonnie is all “I can save him” and she and Alaric go to perform a ritual. But her ancestors are still pissed and don’t want to help. They tell her “there will be consequences” and she doesn’t care because she loves him!

Bonnie tries to bring Jeremy back to life. Would you miss him? Photo: The CW

So they bring him back to life. Katherine brings Klaus’ blood to Damon and finds Elena in bed with him…kissing him. Awkward. He’s better after having the blood and Katherine tells them that Stefan sacrificed everything to save Damon. She also adds to Elena, “It’s okay to love them both…I did.” Seems like they have more in common than that fly hair, huh?

Klaus puts his brother’s body with all of his dead family in a strange storage facility — what a creeper — and then forces Stefan to kill an innocent girl. Convinced he’s a crazy killer again, they decide to roll out and be bros together on the hunt.

"There's someone behind me, isn't there?" Photo: The CW

Oh and Jeremy sees dead people. Particularly the ghosts of girlfriends past.

All in all, it was not as epic as the previous episode. BUT it’s probably the best teen show on television, behind Pretty Little Liars. And it was a very strong episode. Thus, Vampire Diaries get 4.5 OMG’s out of 5!

How many OMG’s would you give Vampire Diaries? Tell me in the comments!


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