Battle of the Spring Finales: Make It or Break It

We’ve finally reached the finale for all of our favorite spring shows. And while some finales were so O-M-G! Others were so Oh-Please! The question is which finale was the best of the best? Let’s recap each show and decide shall we?

Is there any way to describe the Make It or Break It finale? Oh yes, there is: Two hours of gym-agic! I loved Kelly Parker’s crazy mom who only could have been worse if she started hitting Kelly with wire hangers! It was nice to see Kelly Parker bury that stank attitude, get rid of those Leia buns and apologize to Kaylie for stealing and lying. Sadly, Kaylie was super pissed.

“I’m sorry I’m so awful, but if you met my mom, you’d understand.” Photo: ABC Family

Lauren seemed deranged and delusional. She’s so desperate for love from someone — anyone! — to make up for her missing mother that it’s scary…and fantastic! She confessed to having mailed in the “Sasha kissing Payson” tape so Summer would stay with her dad, which pissed Summer off! Then Lauren tried to seduce Max, who isn’t into her, but so worried about telling Payson that he’s bi — oh, yeah, he’s bisexual now — that he agreed to drive away with Lauren. Bad choice for so many reasons, Max. 1: Lauren is crazy and Payson loves you. 2: You just got in a car accident!

Lauren was as crazy as she looks. Photo: ABC Family

Following this insanity, Lauren creepily told the doctors that Summer is her mom. Then Max called for Payson while half conscious a la Ron Weasley. Then we had a very crappy showing at Worlds. It’s not until Kelly Parker cries about wanting friends that the girls get it together.

I wish “Eye of the Tiger” had been playing in the background of this scene. Photo: ABC Family

The sharing lipstick scene was fantastic because it was absurd, over the top and a metaphor for their new bond as a team. (Emily who?) Lauren confessed the truth to Sasha who forgave her, building up their new trusting relationship. And did I mention Kaylie told the whole world she’s anorexic and stronger than ever — eat that NGO!

Perhaps the best part is Payson’s determination to do well — especially since her parents have forfeited her scholarship rights and she needs this Healthy Bar endorsement. She pulled off a one legged landing a la Kerri Strug in the 1996 Olympic games! So our girls won gold with the announcer adding, “today their dreams came true.” Could it get any better? Oh yes, it can because Austin has just gone public with his girlfriend!

That's what winners look. Photo: ABC Family

Though ridiculous, long and unrealistic, it was a tear-jerking finale with lots of heart and character development. Thus, I give Make It or Break It‘s finale an impressive 4 OMG’s out of 5. Those girls are more than Olympic Gold, they’re television gold too!

How many OMG’s would you give Make It or Break It? Tell me in the comments!


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