3 New CW Promos

If you’re like me then you’ve been dying for a glimpse of the new shows in the works at The CW. Well, we’re in luck. Here are the promos for the new shows.

Hart of Dixie

Rachel Bilson looks so gosh darn cute! I can barely stand it! Hopefully the characters are intriguing because I don’t know how long a show can go on with the simple fish-out-of-water premise. Or Rachel Bilson just being adorable. Wait, how long did The O.C. air again?

Secret Circle

Well I’m a little disappointed that Fairuza Balk wasn’t in this promo sporting all black lipstick and crucifixes. However, I think it looks pretty good. It seems like The CW took my wishes for a witch coven show to heart! We’ll have to wait and see just how bad ass these witches are though…


Can we all agree that Ringer looks good? Like better than Hart of Dixie and Secret Circle? Like way better? Go Sarah Michelle Gellar! I’ve always liked a little mystery with my television and here she is scaring the crap out of me and drawing me in with her cryptic dialogue and sexy posing in a nice outfit by an extremely large mirror.  I’m in.

Which promo do you think looked best? Excited for any of the shows? Tell me in the comments!


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One response to “3 New CW Promos

  1. I like! I’m going to give them all a chance even if Rachel Bilson looks like she is playing dress up.

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