Battle of the Spring Finales: Glee

We’ve finally reached the finale for all of our favorite spring shows. And while some finales were so O-M-G! Others were so Oh-Please! The question is which finale was the best of the best? Let’s recap each show and decide shall we? This round is all about Glee.

I refuse to recap this episode with care, since it was obviously written without care. Let’s just ask questions and mock, shall we? What was with socks and shoes combo during their performance? Why are we supposed to be happy Finn and Rachel are together? Aren’t they both just annoying? Why was there so little Jesse St. James?

Finn and Rachel make me want to barf... Photo: Fox

At least Charice finally reappeared to sing a perfectly nice, though boring song. She also got a pep talk that included Rachel telling her that she was good. Of course she was good! She was in the bathroom singing “Telephone” with you! She could hear how much better than you she sounded! Plus, you sent her to a crack house — only jealous sociopaths do that to high school students as adorable as Charice.

Charice? You still exist? Photo: Fox

Schuester’s plans for Broadway were made public. Yawn! We all know he’ll be right back in Lima. If he was meant to be on Broadway (the character, not the actor who HAS been on Broadway) then he wouldn’t be a terrible Spanish teacher in Lima, Ohio.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Finn and Rachel make-out on stage…awkward. Finn describes it as, “the superman of kisses!” If by superman you mean weird, alien and as awkward as a dude with underwear over his pants in public, then yes. There was also some odd slow motion during the kiss. Then Jesse St. James tells them it was unprofessional, which Finn assumes is jealousy, which makes me loves Jesse even more and continues my belief that Finn needs to be left back a year or two.

...Awkward.. Photo: Fox

Of course Jesse was right! It was unprofessional! And winning is what he does. So yes, the New Directions lost. They didn’t even place in the top ten. BURN! I mean, come on, they were bad. And the kiss was ridiculous. This is a glee competition, not the school play. You can’t kiss on stage! And there’s the fact that Finn can’t sing or dance.

I did love that Santana’s Spanish and gangsta came out! I adored Quinn’s super cute bob! I think I love Mercedes and Sam — though I wonder why it has to be a secret. And I did notice an edit slip on Brit’s bangs while she was talking to Santana, which shouldn’t happen on such a high-profile show. Though it was less annoying than usual, there was still a lot of weird, only semi-good performances and editing slips. Overall, Glee gets 1.5 OMG’s out of 5. Maybe next season, Rachel will lose her tragic bangs?

How many OMG’s out of 5 would you give Glee? Tell me in the comments!



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4 responses to “Battle of the Spring Finales: Glee

  1. I would give the episode maybe a 2.5. I like Rachel and Finn; I just wish it wasn’t forced down our throats as the Glee relationship we are supposed to want. Kurt was lovely in this episode. I can watch Chris Colfer and Lea Michele perform a duet of any song in the Wicked repertoire all day long. And I am all for Glee releasing original songs but can they at least be good and not some “this song will uplift the underdog” crap? Ryan Murphy should watch that show Platinum Hit and make one of those singer/songwriter people Glee’s full time song writer. That is all.

    • Ally Hickson

      OMG, Glee + Platinum Hit would probably be the most incredible thing that could happen on television! Because it would be funny, but also as you pointed out, maybe then we’d have good original songs. Though I was a fan of “Trouty Mouth”…

      • Any song they write as a JOKE is wonderful. “My Cup,” for instance. If only that could sustain an entire episode (which, if done right, it could.)

  2. Stinna C

    I love Rachel’s jacket! The one looking like a rainbow. If anyone knows where I can find it on the net, please leave a comment.

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