Battle of the Spring Finales: Gossip Girl

We’ve finally reached the finale for all of our favorite spring shows. And while some finales were so O-M-G! Others were so Oh-Please! The question is which finale was the best of the best? Let’s recap each show and decide shall we? First up, Gossip Girl.

I don’t know about you, but I found this Gossip Girl to be a little off, like Blair’s outlook on life (Remember, “Being happy? That’s not important!”).  The writers tried to squeeze too much in: they wanted to make sense of the season, wrap up the Chair drama, legitimize Vanessa leaving and throw in a few cliffhangers. Oh, and Georgina too.

"Why are you here Georgina?" "Because I'm in every season finale, duh." Photo: The CW

I don’t know why Georgina was there with a hairdo so terrible that it looked like she had just taken a tumble through the hay. But then again, I don’t know why Vanessa has ever been on the show. Well, she’s gone now! Vanessa stole Dan’s book to “teach” him a lesson and save her feelings after being dissed. Charlie — Serena’s cousin who’s as irrelevant to GG as Serena — proved to be a little liar.

Blair cheated on the prince and completely forgot about the fact that Chuck’s the worst boyfriend ever who occasionally abuses her. How did she forget? Because of an amazing ride on a chair at a bar mitzvah! It obviously made her long for the Chair relationship, even if it meant unhappiness.

Chair on chairs! Ha! Photo: The CW

But then Chuck was all like “You have my blessing” to the prince and Blair looked at him with a sad face akin to a person with Stockholm Syndrome being pried away from their kidnapper. Anywho, the episode ended with even more drama! Serena or Blair is preggers! Gasp!

Either way, the show ended with me wishing it wouldn’t return. Though this episode was better than most from the season, it doesn’t hold a candle to old GG. And it barely keeps pace with other teen shows. Thus, Gossip Girl receives 2.5 OMG’s out of 5. You know you agree, xoxo.

How many OMG’s would you give the GG season finale? Tell me in the comments!


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