What the Heck Is Serena Van Der Woodsen Wearing?!

Last week’s season finale of Gossip Girl was filled with more absurdity than…well…a normal episode of Gossip Girl.

While Blair was delusional and convincing herself Chuck was the one with lines like, “Being happy? That’s not important!” (Healthy life outlook!), Vanessa was totally dissed by Dan and stole his book. Also Georgina randomly showed up with terrible hair, Chuck and Blair had a weird slow-motion bar mitzvah scene, Motorola had some TINY product placement and Serena’s crazy cousin Charlie proved to be faking it. Plus Serena or Blair may be preggers — let’s hope not because they’d be the worst moms ever. Oh, there was also this:

A kimono and wedges? Really? Photo: The CW

SERENA VAN DER WOODSEN, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! Is that a kimono top or kimono dress? Is it a top or a dress?! Top or dress?! Why do I have to ask! Why is it made of pink lame?! What’s with the straw wedges from 2002 or the fug club earrings from when you were 16? Why is that belt there making you look preggers? Also, who told you to put your hair in a bun! Not a good look boo!

As if breaking out a pink lame kimono for a scene that had nothing to do with a strip club, 80’s prom or 70’s roller disco wasn’t bad enough, Georgina also had this for us:

Let Jesus take the wheel again if it will fix this outfit. Photo: The CW

GEORGINA SPARKS, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! Also, what happened to your hair? You look like you just roller through the hay! Why does you dress look like it was sewn together by a preschool arts class? Why is it the same color as your skin? Why does it look like the preschoolers spilled purple grape juice down the leg of it?! Don’t they know purple grape juice stains?!

And last but not least, S ran away or something. Here’s what she wears in California:

Gypsy time? Photo: The CW

WHAT THE HECK IS THAT AROUND YOUR WAIST?! I can get behind the swimsuit. I understand the denim jacket — I own a few myself — but the weird table cloth you’re sporting as a sarong/picnic blanket?! I’m sorry, but why is that happening? I know you can afford cute clothes so why are you dressed like a gypsy?!

What did you think of last week’s season finale? Which outfits did you think were super chic or super eek? Tell me in the comments!


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