That 70’s Style

In the past week there’s been tons of buzz about Ashton Kutcher taking over at Two and a Half Men. I don’t watch that show or care about it — hello, this is a teen TV blog — but it got me thinking about That 70’s Show.

LOVE That 70's Show! Photo: Fox

What a great show, am I right? Who doesn’t miss Hyde being mean, Kelso being hot, Eric making Star Wars references and Fez hiding candy?

Well I thought we could pay respect to the groovy wardrobe Jackie and Donna wore on the most happening 70’s show there ever was.

Donna and Jackie we LOVE your style. Photo: Hot Donna Rocks


The crew’s resident redhead was the perfect example of 70’s tomboy style! Though we could never understand why she stuck with Eric, we could understand why she was given the title “Hot Donna.”

Vests, high-waisted bell bottoms and oversized button-downs in browns and blues with stripes were typical Donna wear. She’d also rocked turtlenecks and bandanas like it was her job. If her hair wasn’t non-fussy sleek and straight, it was pulled back at the top. Donna Pinciotti, you may have worn granny panties, but we salute you! Donna Photos: Hot Donna Rocks

Charlie's Angels theme? YES! (Ignore Laurie)


Jackie was the little Wisconsin fashionista. Selfish and vain, it’s hard to believe anyone could love Jackie. Well guess what: WE DID! So did Kelso, Hyde and Fez! She was the youngest of the group and knew the perfect balance between current 70’s trends (like Farrah Fawcett hair) and comfort.

High-waisted skirts and bell bottoms, cute tops and peasant dresses were regularly in rotation for Jackie. She loved to accessorize with necklaces and scarfs. She was never afraid of something ridiculous like fur or matchie-matchie outfits. And girlfriend could pull off some barrettes! Did I mention she was a cheerleader? Yeah, she had it going on! Jackie you may have been vain, but you kicked Laurie Forman’s butt and showed us that it’s not easy being beautiful! Jackie Photos: I’m Pretty, Don’t Contradict Me

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  1. Martine

    Actually Laurie was the most attractively dressed by far. Very elegant. Never cared for the other two. they just look boring or odd by turns. The dark wash high rise jeans are perfection. I would wear them right now.

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