Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Is One Month Away!

In case you didn’t know — and you SHOULD know — Pretty Little Liars‘ Season 2 Premiere is exactly one month from tomorrow! Are you freaking out? I AM! (Obviously)

The premiere will be marked with a day long marathon of Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family that starts at 11 a.m., all leading to the new episode on Tuesday June 14th at 8p.m.

That mirror says it all! Photo: TV Fanatic

If you’ve forgotten, things in Rosewood have gotten a little out of hand. [SPOILER ALERT] With Ian’s body missing after he tried to kill Spencer (who was “saved” by A), the whole town is wondering what the heck happened in the old church! Not to mention we have a cop hooking up with Jenna while pretending to be on the Liars’ side!

How do you lose a body? Typical A mischief. Photo: ABC Family

According to a press release, this season the Liars will be questioned by the police and their parents before being put in therapy. Plus Caleb’s coming back for his lady, Spencer is forbidden to see Toby (really mom?) and Aria and Ezra cool off. I wonder if the cooling off has to do with the fact that hooking up is illegal whether he’s her teacher or not…

If anyone doubted A's skills before the season finale, I think they learned their lesson. Photo: The Tweeting Quill

There’s nothing like a good mystery to make a show addictive and PLL has more mystery than a game of Clue. I haven’t seen a teen show that’s so fun, yet scary since Are You Afraid of the Dark. Only this is better because there are no cheesy ghost stories — this here is real! (Well, real in the world of Rosewood anyway.) I mean, people are murdered on this show!

Here’s the promo for the premiere on Tuesday June 14th!

Could the promo guy be any creepier? “The bodies are piling up…and all eyes are on the Liars!”

Are you excited for more insanity in Rosewood? Do you feel bad for the Liars? Who do you think A is? Tell me in the comments!



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3 responses to “Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Is One Month Away!

  1. Anne Eisenhower

    you are so anti Ezra and aria! He’s so cute! I’m going to be devastated when he’s no longer on the show.

  2. Alison

    hey let me tell you a secret i am not dead i’m alive

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