Gossip Girl Drops Little J & Vanessa: XOXO

Well in the best move Gossip Girl has probably ever made — and what I consider a personal triumph — they’ve decided to drop Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr from the roster for next season. Though they’ll no longer be season regulars, they do have the option of making guest appearances.

Sorry V, no one wants you here anymore. Time to hail a cab and cross the bridge! Photo: TV Fanatic

I think I speak for everyone when I say good riddance. They were honestly a waste of space. Though I will miss being able to talk about Momsen’s lack of pants and using my “Ew Vanessa Abrams” category for blog posts. Ah, well.

In return, we get Kaylee DeFer, Serena’s annoying cousin Charlie. She’s now been upgraded to a series regular. Barf.

In the end, it doesn’t matter too much to me anyway. I doubt I’ll watch.

"Like I care! Now I can focus on my music career and bad extensions." Photo: Zimbio

Do you like Charlie? Will you miss Little J and Vanessa? I guess Gossip Girl has decided Brooklyn’s not as “in” as it was three years ago. At least they have fruitful careers to fall back on! Thanks for the blah times ladies!



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One response to “Gossip Girl Drops Little J & Vanessa: XOXO

  1. I think you will always be able to talk about Taylor Momsen’s lack of pants and the “Ew Vanessa Abrams” category. Momsen shows no real signs of wearing pants and Vanessa Abrams will live on in “annoying character on a teen drama” infamy.

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