MTV Orders More Teen Mom

I’m just going to be honest: I’m not down with Teen Mom. It makes me uncomfortable (which I get is the point). I have a hard time with shows with teen motherhood in general (so you better check yourself, Make It or Break It!).

MTV doesn’t care about my feelings, and rightfully so, because Teen Mom is a huge hit and educates teens. The series attracted 3.8 million viewers each week in 2010!  So they’ve green-lighted season 3 and season 4. They’re also bringing back the original cast: Amber, Catelynn, Farrah, and Maci.

They're back! Photo: MTV Remote Control

Along with the cast changes, MTV plans to increase the educational take-away with PSA’s during the show featuring Teen Mom alums talking candidly about sex.

Teen Mom has been proven to teach teens about safe sex, pregnancy and the consequences that follow. It also has proven that teen pregnancy is the gift that keeps on giving for tabloid news. While it shows the realities of being a young mother, it has also given us US Weekly covers featuring in-depth interviews with young couples, news stories about Amber Portwood being arrested after beating up her boyfriend and Maci partying with the Jersey Shore cast.

One of MANY tabloid magazine covers featuring Teen Moms. Photo: Popeater

Yeah, these teens are just teens and they can do what they please — and they do! — and suffer consequences, but watching them makes me judgmental and uncomfortable. I guess I just never got sucked into the show. For me, touching moments like parents giving up their kids for adoption never were enough to keep me interested in watching the struggle.

Then again, I’m a freak who’s always been uncomfortable with pregnancy in general. I once fainted in a film class while watching Window, Water, Baby, Moving.

Are you happy to hear more Teen Mom is coming your way? Are you addicted to the show? Tell me in the comments!


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