Poll: Who’s Make It or Break It’s Most Annoying Character?

Last night’s Make It or Break It was filled with more whiny behavior than usual. And that emo campfire scene ending at “Gymnastics Camp” just sent me over the edge. Personally, I’m getting sick and tired of all the characters! But the question is: who’s the most annoying of all?


Emily, stop looking so pissy. Photo: ABC Family

Emily is always being a drama queen about something: loving Damon, hating Damon, Sasha believing in her, her mom working at a strip club to pay for her gymnast life, etc. She never takes being a gymnast seriously. She’s got terrible self esteem and gets way too many second chances! She totally freaked last night yelling “NOBODY UNDERSTANDS!” in the most angst-ridden voice possible. To top it all off, she’s pregnant, totally delusional and a runaway! Really Emily? Like going to jail, sucking at Budapest and losing Damon wasn’t terrible enough. You know what? You’re so annoying!


Darby, stop being so friendly! Photo: ABC Family

Sure, she wasn’t in last night’s episode, but just seeing how bad the girls have gotten reminded me that it was all her fault! Darby wants to treat the girls like her BFFs and let them make their own rules. She’s also a terrible coach. After the girls lose to Pinewood — the worst team ever! — she decides to be all serious to save her job. Sadly, she’s bad at being mean too. Darby, you may be an elite gymnast, but you’re an awful coach! You’re so annoying!


Payson, take that stick out of your butt! Photo: ABC Family

Payson is so serious that it hurts my feelings. She also wears so much purple that sometimes I think she’s Barney. Despite being so gosh darn good and serious, there’s also some Payson drama: she kisses her coach or breaks her back. She also likes to yell at everyone (even Emily when she confesses that she’s pregnant). Did I also mention that Payson has no social life? You’re seriousness is offensive. Payson, you’re so annoying!


Kaylie is way too happy for me to handle right now. Photo: ABC Family

Kaylie is the best freaking gymnast there is. But she’s fighting anorexia. I felt really bad for her during her struggle and also with the whole Carter thing. I also admired her not hooking up with Damon (who’s too good for Emily), but last week she she said something along the lines of: “How can I complain about anything? I’m the pretty girl, the talented girl, the rich girl…” Wow. No one thought of you like that! And FYI, you’re not a singer! Kaylie Cruz, you’re so annoying!


"I'm sexy, I'm cute!" And you're annoying to boot! Photo: ABC Family

Lauren is super hot. And she knows it. And that’s awful! Did I mention she’s pure evil? She’s the reason Sasha got into trouble! She’s always meddling in things that don’t concern her, stealing men, lying and cheating. Now that would be cool with me, if only she was good at it. But she’s not. Lauren, you’re terrible at being bad! Let’s not forget you have mommy issues. And you’re hair looks ridiculous in that photo! You’re so annoying!


Your accent and attitude are sexy. And annoying. Photo: ABC Family

Who do you think you are? Coming around with your swagger and hot accent and cute face and stubbornness! How dare you tell them what to do all the time while pushing them to gold! How dare you leave Summer and the Rock girls! Why are you such a great coach? Why do you look so good in black? And why are you such a pathetic bartender? You know what Sasha, you may be sexy, but you’re so annoying!

Kelly Parker

That smug face makes you so annoying. Photo: Fanpop

Dear Kelly Parker, You cannot look that smug all the time when you’re a sucky gymnast. You only made it to Budapest because Kaylie is in rehab. You’re insults are pathetic and ill-timed. Also, your Princess Leia buns are absurd. And your dance moves are slutty! Bad hair, no talent and no friends cannot be justified with a smug smile. You’re so annoying!

So who do you think is the most annoying Make It or Break It character? Vote below!



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3 responses to “Poll: Who’s Make It or Break It’s Most Annoying Character?

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  2. emma

    I hate emily kmetko she
    Totly sucks at evrytin….gosh so pathetic..kmt emily

  3. i am a big fan of make it or break it the national champion all around and i loved kaylie cruz

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