What The Heck Are The New Directions Wearing?!

Glee has never been a show for the fashion savvy, but I do expect some level of chic, some type of style. Sadly, Entertainment Weekly published new photos from Glee‘s New York City set and let’s just say a shirt that reads, “Butt Chin” is a major improvement.

"Rainbow Brite is here, ya'll!" Photo: EW

RACHEL BERRY, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! Is that a Rainbow Brite jacket with fuzzy white gumdrop buttons?! Is that a matching white beret?! It is! You look like you escaped from Candy Land! This is not an acceptable outfit for taking the Big Apple by storm unless you’re interviewing for a job as a Rainbow Brite impersonator at FAO Schwartz! But it gets worse:

WTF Rachel Berry? Photo: EW

Are those burgundy tights and yellow platform wedges?! Why do your legs have the same color palette of the old NRQ trains? Why do you look like 1975? Why couldn’t you just wear your weird schoolgirl outfits that are kind of cute?! Sigh.

As if Rachel wasn’t bad enough, Kurt, former Lima style star is wearing this:

"I know my outfit is hideous, but Kurt you look like a fool!" Photo: EW

KURT HUMMEL, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! You look like a Russian Rodeo Clown heading to a funeral! Who told you that much fringe and tassels were Ok? They’re not! It’s awful!

This is not an episode of Soul Train! Photo: EW

WHAT THE HECK ARE ALL OF YOU WEARING?! Why are you all dressed in loud clashing colors and ill-fitted clothing?! Why does everyone look like it’s 1975?! It’s not! It’s 2011! Who dressed you?! Fire them! It can’t get any more terrible than this! Oh wait:

Why?! Photo: EW

 FINN HUDSON, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! You’re not even in line with the 1975 theme or the Russian Rodeo Clown theme! You look like a rapper who’s about to go duck hunting.

I give up! The New Directions need a new look. They look like Lima losers.

What do you think? Do you think the New Directions look super chic or super eek?


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One response to “What The Heck Are The New Directions Wearing?!

  1. Elizabeth

    And here I thought they didn’t know how to dress their plus size characters. It turns out they can’t dress anyone on this show!

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