Best Teen TV Witches

Tonight marks the return of The Vampire Diaries. In the new episode, Bonnie will be working with Damon and Jeremy to harness her ancestors’ powers!

Bonnie Bennett is sugar, spice and everything witchy. Photo: ShesSmart

Personally, I think Bonnie is a pretty fly witch; she’s cute, she’s talented and she’s not afraid to hex (or share sexual tension with) Damon! In honor of the spellbinding Bonnie — and to better prep ourselves for VD — I thought it would be fun to list some of the best teen TV witches of all time! 


Willow Rosenberg

I get the whole "dark magic" look, but it screams Severus Snape! Photo: Picasa

Willow was a little bit of a nerd when we first met her on Buffy. Over time she developed her spell skills and eventually became a full-on Wiccan after her werewolf boyfriend dumped her. Don’t you hate when that happens? However with the death of Tara, Willow became a force to be reckoned with who had a knack for dark magic! Her struggle became learning to use her magic for good and getting that terrible black dye out of her hair.


The Charmed Ones

The Power of Three...? Photo: Leander

…More like the Power of Four! Photo: Fanpop

Despite a few cast shake-ups over the years, The Charmed Ones managed to brew up enough drama to keep us entertained for eight full seasons on The WB’s Charmed. Prue, the eldest and — dare I say — most talented (until her untimely death) had telekinesis and astral projection. Piper could freeze and explode objects. Phoebe had premonitions and levitation powers. And Paige had telekinesis and teleporting powers. She was also the first to break the brown hair rule! However all four sisters were great witches with a talent for wearing midriff tops and 90’s butterfly clips.


Mildred Hubble

TV movie Mildred Hubble Photo: MovieKids

TV series Mildred Hubble Photo: ABC

Remember Fairuza Balk as the scary witch in The Craft? Well, she was actually a witch as a child too. And not just any witch — The Worst Witch! Mildred Hubble was the worst student at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches. She was so bad in fact that they turned her exploits — of turning herself invisible and transfiguring people into pigs — into a television series. Poor Mildred Hubble could have used a Hermione Granger to help her out in Charms class! Should have went to Hogwarts honey!


Alex Russo

Alex Russo is no toil and tons of trouble! Photo: Disney

Imagine being a teenager living in NYC with your two annoying brothers. Now imagine also having magic powers. Sounds like mischief meets magic, right? Yeah, that’s Alex Russo in a nutshell. The star of Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place is still learning how to properly manage her magic — she’s already got managing her mischief down!


Sabrina Spellman

Sabrina Spellman's cat Salem was the coolest magical creature ever! Sorry Hedwig! Photo: Sabrina Official Tumblr

The original teenage witch was Sabrina Spellman, star of Sabrina The Teenage Witch. With her zany aunts Hilda and Zelda, her hot man candy Harvey and constant influx of awkward friends and bitter rivals, Sabrina was the ultimate everyday 90’s teen who happened to be balancing Chem class with History of Magic. Thanks for introducing us to the Other Realm and toaster mail!

Who’s your favorite teen TV witch? I’m leaning towards Sabrina or Bonnie, but maybe you prefer some Alex Russo? Tell me in the comments!


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