Teen Wolf vs. Chloe King

Today’s big buzz: MTV released the trailer for their new show Teen Wolf. Yes, as in supposedly adapted from the 80’s film starring Michael J. Fox. However, upon seeing the promo, it’s clear that the name is the only thing they’re borrowing from the movie –meaning we can forget about funny shots of teens surfing on vans while playing The Beach Boys.

The full trailer is the longest promo for a television show I’ve ever seen (3 minutes! Who does MTV think they are? HBO?!), but we get to see the basic plot, judge the hot-factor of our male lead and check out the special effects we can expect with its June release. Click here to see the full trailer or watch the shortened version below:

Based on the preview, this series is going to be a little more gritty and badass than expected and it’s obviously going for that Twilight vibe.

But watching this Teen Wolf trailer is all the more fun considering that ABC Family is releasing their own teen mutant-like show in June as well. The Nine Lives of Chloe King finally showed a short promo on TV with Make It or Break It‘s spring premiere.

Shorter than Teen Wolf’s for sure, but did it make as big of an impact? As I suspected, it looks like Chloe King is some cat-woman (sigh), but maybe it will be totally awesome.

Both shows have mystery, stunts and steamy love interests. So I ask you, which show looks better? Do you think a hot guy as a teen wolf will get more viewers (from the desired teen girl audience) than a teen girl with powers and hot lover boys?

Honestly, I don’t know. I guess I’ll just have to watch both. Which will you be watching in June? Tell me in the comments!


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