What to Watch Now

Last week we were served a double dose of season finales thanks to Skins and Pretty Little Liars. While Skins was so-so for most of the episode, with the exception of Stanley’s epic solo, PLL was scary and dark with so many twists and turns that I was left speechless, confused and frightened! Bravo ABC Family, you won the battle of season finales!

But with PLL gone until June and Skins’ future indefinite, what can we watch? No worries – plenty of drama is coming our way!

"Seriously you guys, Pretty Little Liars gave me nightmares last night. Nightmares! How are leotards and floor routines going to top that?!" Photo: ABC Family

Tonight marks the spring premiere of ABC Family ‘s Make It or Break It! While Make It or Break It is no PLL – in acting, production or writing – it fills a void. And that void is called guilty pleasure. Will Kaylie finally come to terms with her eating disorder? How will the Rock girls live without Sasha? These questions and more will be answered Monday nights on ABC Family at 9p.m.!

If anyone cares, there will be another show on ABC Family at 8p.m. You guessed it — it’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

When will they finally admit that Ricky and Ben are twins separated at birth?! Photo: Movie Luck

Yes, that show still exists. Yes, everyone is still getting pregnant and married. Yes, I still can’t tell the difference between Ricky and Ben! And yes, it looks like it was filmed with my old Razor phone from 2006. But who knows, maybe this year something crazy will happen – maybe the teens of Grant High will learn what birth control is.

If you don’t mind toilet humor, then you’re in luck! The Hard Times of R.J. Berger is back and more absurd than ever! Tonight you can catch Jersey Shore‘s Vinny guest star as R.J.’s cousin with tons of tips on how to get the ladies. If you’re interested in giving this show some hard time, tune into MTV Mondays at 10p.m.

"So are you two going to hook up or what?" Photo: The CW

Something wicked this way comes, courtesy of The CW. Prepare for spells and secret weapons on April 7th with the return of The Vampire Diaries. A photo of Bonnie working with Damon is enough to nab my attention! (Please pair off you two! Ok? Thanks!)

MTV is bringing a new season of America’s Best Dance Crew on April 7th at 10 p.m. Normally that wouldn’t be worth watching, but Randy Jackson is trying something new! Each episode will be themed to a featured artist. You can expect guest appearances from Ke$ha, The Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber! As a firm Belieber, I’ll be tuning in.

April 18th marks the return of Gossip Girl from its mini-hiatus. Yawn. Hopefully “the kiss” will lead to some new interesting drama and insanity. Not sure it will be enough to get me to start watching again.

"Who here wishes my parents would adopt them?" Photo: Instant Pulp

And lastly, since Jack Black has nothing better to do, he’ll be hosting the Nickelodeon 2011 Kids’ Choice Awards. Not only will there be orange blimps and slime dumped on celebrities, but a head whipping performance from everyone’s favorite little diva, Willow Smith. Tune into Nick on Saturday April 2 at 8p.m.

So what will you be watching this spring? Are you already counting the days until June’s PLL return? Tell me in the comments!


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