5 Teen Movies That Should Be TV Shows

Word on the blogosphere is Disney Channel has a ton of new shows in the works (which sound pretty terrible to be honest). One of their new shows is Madison High, a High School Musical spin-off featuring that kid from Ugly Betty. Sorry Wildcats, but I don’t really think High School Musical needs or deserves a spinoff. So I’ve decided to make a list of my favorite teen movies that should be made into TV shows instead.

Mean Girls

"What do you mean High School Musical has a spinoff and I don't? Boo you whore!"

Has anyone reading this blog felt personally victimized by Regina George? Of course you have. And it was awesome! I think it’s high time everyone’s favorite bitch (sorry Blair!) got her own television show. No one cares about Cady and the other plastics are replaceable.

Need a premise? Maybe after high school was turned into Utopia, Regina was knocked out during a lacrosse game. Two weeks later she wakes up, looks at all the scars on her body and mud on her clothes and has a nervous breakdown. She immediately works to take over the school again, struggles and succeeds — just by being evil! If she faces too much happy-go-lucky opposition, she can just transfer schools and take over. Regina George world domination! Need I say more? This show should go to ABC Family — they need to make amends for the travesty of Mean Girls 2 and prove they understand what being in a clique is all about.

Center Stage

Cooper or Charlie? Decisions, decisions... Photo: Rotten Tomatoes

Long before Avatar made Zoe Saldana famous, there was Center Stage. She was a cigarette smoking ballet dancer with tons of talent, but a distaste for discipline. Her friend was Jody Sawyer – a girl who loved to dance despite her weak ankles and poor turnout (she’s now the former student flame for Aria Montgomery’s dad). But the most important casting of all was the director of ABC played by none other than SANDY COHEN AND HIS EYEBROWS!

This movie has everything a teen show needs: a badass woman of color, a blonde struggling to make it, a super hot nice guy, an anorexic girl, a douchey talented womanizer, an overbearing mother and a fabulous gay man. They salsa! They date! And they show up to rehearsal hungover! With the dance craze taking over the nation, courtesy of Black Swan, I think it’s time The CW makes Center Stage a TV show to replace Hellcats and give Make It or Break It some serious competition.

Boyz N the Hood

Cuba Gooding Jr. and Ice Cube wowed in Boyz in the Hood. Photo: Fast Lane Mag

This movie was groundbreaking and heartbreaking. Who can forget the raw performances from Cuba Gooding Jr., Ice Cube and Morris Chestnut? This film pulls you in, makes you think and shakes you to your core.

I think we could use a serious drama about teen life. Particularly teen life for African Americans. There are so few teen films featuring blacks, Latinos and Asians. And typically they’re just the cool friend on television shows. I’d like to see someone’s take on this part of American life. We can follow a two new young men, struggling to go to college and escape gang violence. This show goes to HBO because their series are so fully developed and won’t be cut for content. The Wire for 2011 anyone?


The Craft

Double, double toil and trouble makes good TV. Photo: EW

1990’s goth chicks make great television. Especially if they have special powers. The Craft was great because these four girls with no friends created their own coven, began practicing magic and used it to exact revenge against high school bullies. If you’ve seen this movie, you probably thought twice about picking on a nerd after that spell made Christine Taylor’s hair fall out.

Since supernatural beings are so hot right now, you’d be a fool not to make an edgy, goth show. But since the film reached a rather final ending, this would have to be a new generation of witches. They could go with the same plot from the film and eventually have the coven of little witch misfits break into two witch covens that battle each other for domination! Plus, we’d get to see fun outfits using lace, chains, black and leather! This should go to Nickelodeon. They could use an edgy show that lives up to their 1990’s legacy and doesn’t have kids singing, dancing or eating fried chicken out of their purses (I’m looking at you Sam Puckett!)


Weird Science

"Obviously, a new TV show would require better hair. Relax Anthony Michael Hall." Photo: Daily Mail

The original premise was simple: Anthony Michael Hall and some other guy are geeks who create their dream girl, Kelly LeBrock circa 85, using a barbie doll, bra hats, a computer with limited software and their hormones. It was absurd — at one point young Bill Paxton is turned into a living pile of poo. And it was funny — Kelly LeBlanc threatens to kill AMH’s parents and seduces a young, blue-haired Robert Downey Jr.

It was so fantastic — creating a human, hiding the technology and using her to make high school more bearable while learning that she can’t fix everything. Even though they tried to make it into a show once before and it fell apart, MTV should give it another go! (They’re already bringing back 80’s movies – hello Teen Wolf). The only trouble is trying to find the new Kelly LeBrock– she has to be hot and funny with an accent. Suggestions?

Which movies would you make into a TV show? Tell me in the comments!



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