An Ode To Greek

We here at The Remote Generation are in mourning over Greek‘s end. Yes, this past season was dreadful, but once upon a time, Greek was great!

Tonight is Greek's last rush. Photo: ABC Family

So to prepare for tonight’s sad ending and honor its memory, here is an ode written by a true fan, and my friend, Laura. (Please note: she said this ode was covered in tears)

Greek, a story of fraternity

Will this week be besmirched by eternity

Its network found its ratings low

And its producers were told it was time to go

A well-written serial full of laughs

The abrupt end to the show leaves its fans aghast

Though its many fans may hope for resolution

Forty-five minutes may not work for absolution

There are too many questions that I myself ask

Surely there’s more than the answer of Cappie’s name in which we can bask

Rebecca’s character, for instance, what will she do?

Will the ways in which she relates other change, without much ado?

And Evan, we were able to see more from his mother and father

In one more episode, with how much more can they bother?

Dale has changed in indelible ways

But how will his college experience play out for the rest of his days?

For Calvin, it’s true, much more needn’t be resolved

His conversation with Tripp left all absolved

But in this episode, the last, not even penultimate

Into their stories how much more can get?

And Rusty, oh Rusty, our former geek,

This season has shown him as more than meek

He’s confident in his abilities and comfortable with his life

And it’s nice to see Ashleigh as the girl who’ll leave him rife

With opportunities for love and friendship and ways to be happy

Much how the scene is set for Casey and Cappie

I guess it’s okay that it’s over, the will they or won’t they

But I wish ABC Family would heed and obey

There’s too much more to do and this show shouldn’t be done

Because honestly this show is and was number one.


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One response to “An Ode To Greek

  1. I literally started watching Greek in January and became so invested in the show, only to realize that the series finale was tonight. So upsetting! But I’m glad I watched it sooner rather than later. One of the best shows around.

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