What the Heck Is Snooki Wearing/Riding?!

Yesterday was Thursday, which can mean only one thing: Jersey Shore! Sadly, last night’s Jersey Shore stunk like the cheese in Mike’s bed.

Though the Sammi-Ron drama was getting to be too much, I missed it last night when the most exciting thing to happen was rubbing cream cheese on a mattress. But we won’t hold it against them because the first lady of the Shore gave us something to talk about with her new cover of Rolling Stone.

Snooki, is that a silver rocket between your legs? Photo: Rolling Stone/Mark Seliger

SNOOKI, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING/RIDING?! Do I spy a silver rocket — running amuck with phallic symbolism — between your legs? Doesn’t it look like part of the Tin Man? Is it blasting off? Into the atmosphere? And you decided to wear white cut-offs, a white top and white cowboy boots for this occasion, instead of, I don’t know, some kind of protective gear?! Also, why do you have a lasso?! What do Jersey girls know about lassos?!

The cover girl shares how The Shore house is, “just like prison,” how she wants to brand herself like Jessica Simpson, oh and there was also this gift from Snooks:

"Is it too much?" Photo: Rolling Stone/Mark Seliger

SNOOKI, AGAIN, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?! Is that a barrel? A pickle barrel with straps? Did you just come down Niagra Falls or are you playing a saloon girl in a Western movie who dives into a barrel for coverage when her intimate moment with the hero is interrupted by bad guys with dirty beards and guns?

I’m a little confused by the photos from this shoot. And though I love Snooki (I really do!), I don’t quite understand how she came to be Rolling Stone’s cover girl.

What do you think of Snooki’s photos? Super chic or super eek? Do you love her as a cover girl? Tell me in the comments!



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2 responses to “What the Heck Is Snooki Wearing/Riding?!

  1. Laura

    My opinion remains unchanged–I’m the only person who can carry off a pickle barrel! Also, Rolling Stone needs new art direction; I vote AHickson!

  2. Snooki is a national treasure. I totally tried fried pickles this week because of her.

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