The CW’s Bad Ratings

Last night Fox didn’t show any new Glee, so it was a CW night all the way. Unfortunately the CW’s teen drama line-up is falling apart faster than Two and a Half Men.

TV by the Numbers recently published a post citing a large drop in The CW’s ratings. All CW shows are performing poorly — and by poorly, I mean worse than they usually perform.

The numbers are in and Dorota can’t believe it! Photo: The CW

Life Unexpected has already been cancelled (not that anyone cares). Hellcats, the show that once looked so promising – like a Bring It On meets High School Musical – has lost its following; their ratings are the second lowest on the network! They drew in about 0.6 adults 18-49, putting them in the “well they had a nice run” and “those uniforms were cute” territory.

Believe it or not, the title of third lowest ratings goes to Gossip Girl! And worse than being the third least watched show on the network is sharing this dishonor with 90210! Both shows nabbed only 0.7 ratings on Monday night (90210 actually had 1.44 million viewers while GG only had 1.38 million! Sad!).

This means that One Tree Hill — in its EIGHTH season — has higher ratings than Gossip Girl, The CW’s flagship show. Again, embarrassing.

“Do these 90210 bitches know who they’re dealing with?! And what’s One Tree Hill?” Photo:Fanpop

This shouldn’t be surprising to any viewer. This season of Gossip Girl has been so dreadful –with weird characters and dismal story lines untrue to GG’s original “mission” (I’m looking at Dan and Blair) — that most fans, including yours truly, have stopped watching the show all together.

Still, it’s a little surprising that One Tree Hill‘s ratings stay so strong! Maybe it’s the constant influx of characters (including the kid from The Blindside?) that keeps things fresh for viewers?

Regardless of the bad ratings, according to TV by the Numbers, there is good news: because all of the shows are doing badly, it doesn’t spell absolute doom for any one show. Renewal vs. Cancellation depends upon the ratings between shows on the same network. So if they all stink, no one sinks!

Not sure this formula equates good television…

Do the sad, sad ratings of The CW surprise you? Are you hoping some shows will get the axe? What can we do to calm Miss Blair? Tell me in the comments!



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11 responses to “The CW’s Bad Ratings

  1. MC

    I’m with you! GG in particular is awful and we all know it’s because of DB (sorry DBers face the truth). The ratings are all time lows for GG and if the writers don’t fix it this show is screwed. The CW is just sad and GG is a reflection of that right now.

  2. Emily

    OH, MY GOD! I totally agree with you about GG being terrible this season. It’s one thing to try to mix and match couples, but to start from scratch with a couple that has zero build up in 4 seasons and then ignore or alienate all the other couples and characters that have been there since season 1? WHY?

  3. Stephanie

    GG is a piece of junk! Total crap now! That Ban (B and D) paring is so OOC and just crap. They are sucking in the ratings and that fail needs to stop!

  4. Emma

    I stopped watching GG when I heard a spoiler about DB. But it has been going downhill for some time, it’s just not the show I used to love anymore.

  5. Chloé

    I’m so sick of this show. Nothing makes sense anymore. Apparently, misleading is their new mantra, well it sucks! Connor Paolo was right when he said that the show became “plot driven” instead of “character driven”.Why can’t they fix the characters instead of bring more and more of OOC Storylines?! Chuck Bass was their most interesting character and they just ignore his POV and make him screwing up AGAIN, and AGAIN, There is like a Zillions guest stars nobody care about….Pfff.
    Whatever, I’m done.

  6. Jessica

    You Chair fans need to stop bashing Dair ! It has nothing to do with this !! The ratings are bad in GENERAL and should I mentionned that we had bad ratings while Chair was on too !? So please be mature Chair fans

  7. Kübra

    DB is the one of the worst things I’ve seen on this show.And ratings prove it.Just bring CB back.

  8. Angie

    I love how Chair fans blame the bad ratings on Dair when the ratings weren’t great even before Dair!

  9. Jiris

    I’m not surprise about the GG ratings. I stopped watching this show when I heard the DB spoiler. I think the writers are slacking, they know that there’s another season of GG so they’re not scared about the ratings or the show being cancelled.

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