Must-See Fall Teen TV

In honor of this most special of days, 9.02.10 (the once in a lifetime beauty in which a Peach Pit milkshake is a must and any child born should be named Brenda), it seems mandatory to list the fall teen TV shows that will hopefully live up to the drama, mayhem and romance of the 90’s classic 90210. Enjoy and Happy 90210!


Sex? Drama? Romance? Danger? Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries is starting to look like True Blood for the CW crowd. Love it!

This show started out with two extremely hot vampire dudes and a scorching Degrassi alum with a plot line that worked. But in recent episodes, The Vampire Diaries has become a total snooze-fest! Not to worry, teen drama addicts, The CW is upping the ante this season, promising a sexier and scarier show. The lovely Nina Dobrev will finally throw herself fully into the role of the devious, dare we say, purely evil Katherine (which we can’t wait to see)! On top of that, Ian Sommerhalder is hotter than ever (just ask Entertainment Weekly) and there’s a new hottie in town, Taylor Kinney as Mason, the younger brother of late Mayor Lockwood. And if you love the tension between Damon/Elena/Stefan, just wait until you experience the highly anticipated tension between Damon/Katherine/Stefan/Elena. Yeah, it’s going to make your head spin, in a good way! Let the games begin! Season 2 premieres Thursday September 9 @ 8PM on The CW.



Can New Directions stay in tune? Prepare to be slushied!

Glee was undoubtedly the biggest thing on television last season. Maybe a little too big. While the Emmy’s opening was lovely and fantastic and the Glee t-shirts at Macy’s are adorable, this slushie poster only proved one thing: Glee seriously needs to tone it down. The show could quickly suffer from over-exposure/ridiculous-ness/over-the-top-ness. It feels like we’ve gone through 3 seasons, not one! Everything last season was just so freaking big, including the themed episodes. And while the Gaga and Madonna episodes were great, it’s time to steer clear of those gimicks (or “hairography,” if you will) and focus on the talented people and fresh story that they have. Lucky for us, Ryan Murphy has said they plan to do just that – scale back. Fewer musical numbers, fewer gimmicks – more core story. Don’t fret, we still have a rockin’ Britney Spears themed episode, which will be totally awesome, no doubt. Plus, Quinn’s back in her Cheerios uniform, Finn has been hitting the gym, Kurt has a boyfriend coming, Nationals will be in New York City and Charice (the botox girl) will challenge Rachel’s awesome diva-ness. Rachel will also challenge her own diva-ness because she has Lea Michele’s bangs that sometimes look good, but usually do nothing great for her cute face. Season 2 premieres Tuesday September 21 @ 8PM on Fox.



If the terrible airbrushing is any indication, this show files under the category of "guilty pleasure."

Long ago, there was an amazing film called Bring It On. There was dancing, cute cheerleader uniforms and 90’s dialouge. It sadly spawned a dozen terrible, low-budget ABC Family films with Beyonce’s little sister and Hayley from One Tree Hill. In honor of cheerleading drama and to perhaps fight against the gymnastics drama of Make It or Break It, Tom Welling (yes, Superman) has produced a new CW show – Hellcats. This show is nothing like Bring It On, but it does have Aly Michalka (who needs to reunite with AJ for more delicious Disney tunes!) playing a girl in need of an athletic scholarship, so she joins -GASP! – a cheerleading team that won’t accept her even though she knows she can do this because cheerleading, like totally, isn’t a real sport (they couldn’t just hire Eliza Dushku for this? Come on, she’s timeless!)! Ashley Tisdale is playing a Kristen Dunst-esque cheer captain who isn’t named Sharpay, but instead Savannah Munroe, which will be acceptable if she starts singing the Wildcats, “We’re All In This Together” song after seducing Troy with her hot new cheer-bod. Also, Quentin from One Tree Hill is in this show, which will hopefully be more witty than the long anticipated Bring It On 13: Race, Time and Kicking It Up, Cheer Style! The show looks silly, but fun. Series premiere is Wednesday September 8 @ 9PM on The CW.



"Do I still dare to spend in this economy? Oui! Chuck, did you call? Je viens! Je viens!"

The classic, Gossip Girl, was as good as a lukewarm bath last season. Sure, the finale had Chuck lying in a puddle of his own blood, but everything is starting to get ridiculous, even by GG standards! (Note Dan/Georgina pregnancy, Serena’s existence) Since we all run off to Paris when our boyfriend sleeps with a 16 year-old girl in hooker attire or we have spent a year working in PR with weird braids and cleavage galore – that is where we find our cast! (Don’t we all miss the days of headbands and red tights? Le sigh) The Gossip Girl in Paris trailer looks tres magnifique – but editing can make anything look good (please note any promo for Pretty Little Liars with Emily because it’s always not a big deal later). We all sincerely hope that GG gets better, but with all of the cast’s 4-season contracts expiring, Blake Lively picking up major movie roles (The Town, Green Lantern, etc.) and everyone getting tired of the never-ending Chuck-Blair story that never leaves anyone satisfied, this looks like it’s the beginning of the end. Who knows, maybe the lack of Jenny Humphrey (for part of the season) and Dan being over Vanessa (hopefully dumping her and having her exit the show) will make things better. Then again, Nate will still be dumb, Blair will still be reaching for high school glory, Serena and Dan will still be annoying, Katie Cassidy will be on the show (and Fleur Delacour) and Chuck Bass will be…ok, let’s face it, Chuck Bass is always brilliant. Season 4 premiere is Monday September 13 @ 9PM on The CW.



Someone, please ask her if that's a gun behind her back or she's just happy to see you.

Remember Le Femme Nikita? No one else does either. The point is Nikita is not a teen drama. It is on this list because Maggie Q. is awesome, Rihanna’s “Rockstar 101” plays in the cool promo and Shane West, former teen idol, is on this show. Thus we all need to see it. Just to see what has become of our beloved teen dream Shane, who’s photo from a YM cover-shoot still hangs on a wall in a house, somwhere… Series premiere is Thursday September 9 at 9PM on The CW.



90210 is reaching for its former glory! How fitting on 9.02.10!

Let’s forgive them for using “Teenage Dream” in the promo and for the boring promo looking like it was made by my 3-year-old cousin on iMovie. Why should we? One – because Naomi’s line about R.Patz is extra funny thanks to her real life romance with Kellan Lutz. And two – because 90210 is making one of their lead male characters gay! For a while this remake show hasn’t lived up to the glory of the original. While there was nothing wrong with 90210: 2.0, there was nothing right about it either. But now, they’re taking some chances. We’ve gotten used to Teddy being the straight, blonde jock. Well, now he’s going to be gay! No wonder his relationship with Silver always had so many problems! Super cute Broadway star Kyle Riabko will be playing Teddy’s love interest. Hopefully 90210 will handle the difficulty of coming out in high school as well as Glee. The original 90210 was known for many a powerful episode revolving around teenage struggles. Let’s all watch what happens. And with that, this post has come full circle! Season 3 premieres Monday September 13 @8PM on The CW.



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  1. Anne

    nicely done aphickson. i agree with everything- even about glee. it could/will get overexposed.

    can’t wait for pretty little liars to come back though. i hope sooner rather than later!

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