Yet Another MTV Teen TV Show

Looks like there are hard times ahead for MTV – pun totally intended!

RJ Berger is having a hard time in high school - again, pun intended

The channel formerly known for airing music-related content continues with it’s new mission of teen television domination. MTV is premiering a much talked about new show, The Hard Times of RJ Berger. This comedy is about RJ, a geek whose social status goes sky high after the whole school sees him with his pants down and finds that little RJ is packing a rather large secret!

Reviews are mixed. Some critics are enthusiastically endorsing the off-beat show. Others write it off as just another teen comedy. There has even been talk that they show is really just a teenaged-version of HBO’s Hung (Do we need or want a teenaged-version of Hung? Do we even need an adult version of Hung?).

Given the show’s concept, and commercials with teen girls shouting things like, “Did you tell everyone that I let you motorboat my boobs?!” this show isn’t for anyone who’s squeamish of toilet humor or hoping for a drama-fest (You’d probably be better off watching Pretty Little Liars instead). This show is a laugh out loud teen comedy, meaning it will most likely walk that fine line between oh-so-funny and just-too-raunchy.

With so much buzz, it will be interesting to see what becomes of MTV’s new comedy. Hopefully it will be better than Not Another Teen Movie! The Hard Times of RJ Berger is set to premiere on Sunday, June 6, right after the MTV Movie Awards.

What do you think? Should we give nerdy RJ a chance? Or will this show be a huge flop?


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  1. Well, I’ll watch it. What else am doing with my life right now? Seriously.

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