Old Teen Stars, New Teen Shows

Tonight was the premiere of ABC Family’s Beauty and the Briefcase. Aside from the lovely message of looking at what’s in front of you instead of imagining your dream guy, the shameless Cosmo plugs, countless posters for ABC Family’s Make It or Break It or 10 Things I Hate About You, and Hilary Duff’s totally inappropriate office attire, the movie is the first film for the Duffster to receive any hype since the dreadful sister act, Material Girls.

For a while viewers were wondering what happened to that girl who played Lizzie McGuire.


But ever since a stint on Gossip Girl, Hilary Duff has been everywhere.

How did Hilary Duff get a movie on an extremely popular channel? Perhaps we should thank Gossip Girl. Because in the early 2000’s, the former Lizzie McGuire had a short stint as a singer (singing prolific lyrics such as, “if the light is off then it isn’t on”) before taking horrible role after horrible role. Eventually Hilary Duff became a distant memory. As in, “remember that awesome show Lizzie McGuire? What happened to Lizzie?”

Well, Lizzie got a gig as a superstar, sexed up GG‘s by Dan Humphrey, and suddenly she’s on the cover of tabloids again. She’s engaged! She has a movie on ABC Family and several more in the works. Duff isn’t the only formerly popular teen TV star to get a jump start to their ailing career with new teen shows.

Look at Lori Loughlin, the former Mrs. Uncle Jesse on Full House. She disappeared after Full House was cancelled. Then she got new life on the short-lived teen drama Summerland. Thanks to Summerland, she’s the mom on 90210.

But it’s ABC Family that’s managed to really revive former teen stars. Molly Ringwald was teen queen of the 1980’s, but unfortunately the 90’s weren’t so kind to our favorite red head. Then The Secret Life of the American Teenager came along and look – Molly Ringwald has a show! And not just any show, a HIT show.

What other favorite former stars? How about Sabrina or Clarissa‘s Melissa Joan Hart?  Or Blossom‘s Joey Lawrence? No worries, ABC Family has come to the rescue.

Remember Melissa Joan Hart on Sabrina the Teenage Witch?

Remember Joey Lawrence on Blossom?

Now the two are making a comeback on ABC Family, the home of teen dramas.

Last summer the hot teen stars of the early 90’s, now adults, had an ABC Family movie, My Fake Fiance, which brought huge ratings for ABC Family. Now they have a sitcom coming to the channel this summer. Hart has said to TV Guide that she’s, “excited about her comeback,” and even hoping it leads to a career in theater. Hart added, “Hopefully we [she and Lawrence] have a little success on our hands and it’ll go for a few years.”

Hopefully indeed.

And don’t fret Blossom fans! The rest of the cast is coming back too! Blossom, Mayim Bialik, first shared the screen with Ringwald on the Secret Life. Then she got a reoccurring role on CBS’s Big Bang Theory. Now she and the rest if the Blossom cast (excluding Lawrence) will appear on the FOX show Til Death where they’ll be playing versions of themselves on a segment. Even her Blossom co-star, Jenna von Oy, has had several teen show revivals – PepperAnn, Moesha, The Parkers!

Luke from The O.C. got a role on Beauty and the Briefcase. Could it equal comeback?

And on tonight’s Beauty and the Briefcase there were several appearances by former teen TV stars, looking to save their careers aside from Duff. Luke from The O.C.(Chris Carmack, who had a terrible British accent), Kyle XY (Matt Dallas, who I assume had a belly button in this role), and even Henry Gibson from What I Like About You (Michael McMillian, now Steve Newlin on HBO’s True Blood). Could they all see vast improvements in their careers and more notoriety?

If so, thank the power of teens. Apparently if they were good to you once, they always will be.

So were you excited to see Duff in Beauty and the Briefcase? Was she good on GG? Do you get super excited when you see an old teen star on TV making a comeback? Will you watch Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart’s new show?

After seeing My Fake Fiance, I can assume that their new show will neither be good or bad, just ABC Family-ish, meaning I won’t be able to turn my eyes away, but I’ll probably never purposefully watch it again.


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