Glee Returns

Glee came back last night and rocked our TV sets! It drew an amazing 13.7 million viewers, doubling its audience according to Fox! What better way to end our Gleek Week than to enjoy a fantastic episode? Let’s go over it quickly (spoiler alert!)

Pitch Perfect Moments:

Oh Rachel Berry, you are still all kinds of crazy...and we LOVE it!

Rachel Is Still Crazy Of course she would assume she’s dating Finn after he discovers his baby mama isn’t carrying his baby (Loved the Team Finn t-shirt!). Rachel was so crazy, so suffocating, it reminded us all why we love and hate her. Plus she did a great job of “Gives You Hell” and was deliciously delirious about a rival hottie seduction.

Will and Emma It would have been completely ridiculous for these two to just jump into a serious relationship, especially while Schue is still married. Plus, Terri won’t go down without a fight. They got this relationship dynamic just right – instead of being too soapy and pushing them into blissful true love there will be obstacles and lots of Schue hook-ups.

Jesse St. James His name alone sounds perfect, just like him. Sure he’s using Rachel to ruin New Directions. But isn’t he wonderful and talented and good at smiling? Favorite Jesse St. James moment: singing a super steamy rendition of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” with Rachel.

Sue Sylvester Things haven’t changed with Sue Sylvester- thank God! Her scheming has continued. Only Sue would give the principle date rape drugs. Best line: (to Brittany and Santana) “You two may be the stupidest teens I’ve ever encountered – and that’s saying something. I once taught a cheerleading seminar to Sarah Palin.”

Brittany and Santana We never really get a lot from these two. Normally with two lines each, they serve their purpose. Last night, however, they had full scenes and they were really funny.

Kurt How fantastic was it when Finn was singing The Doors? Almost as fantastic as seeing Kurt react to the super hot performance. Classic Kurt when he told Rachel: “Everyone’s replaceable. Even you.”

Off Key Moments:

The Piano In the Library OK, maybe it’s weird to have noticed it, but where did it come from? Who puts pianos in the library? I thought this school had a funding problem. Why was there a band there? How was Jesse St. James in the school’s library when he even doesn’t go to that school?!

Not Enough Mercedes, Kurt, Tina, Artie, Puck or Quinn

Where was everyone else in this episode? It's not all about Rachel, Finn, Schue and Sue, you know.

We get it, this first episode was already packed with new characters and the twisted love lives of Rachel, Finn and Schue. But it would have been nice to see a little more of our other Gleeks. I want to know where Quinn is living now! I wanted Mercedes to dip something in chocolate! (No worries, Gleeks, writers promise Mercedes centric episode soon)

Terri Randomly Showing Up Obviously she isn’t going to give up Schue without a fight, but she just waltzed in to the house, unannounced, and came for Emma-taunting and DVDs. No one wants to see her. She was a waste of time. Shouldn’t Schue have told her to never come around again? Shouldn’t she be seeing a therapist? SHE FAKED A PREGNANCY!


Sue is Madonna. How Gleerific!

Overall, Glee was great. It was impossible not to laugh. But the most exciting moment came at the end of the episode when all questions of why the show began an extra two minutes early were answered: SUE SYLVESTER ‘S VOGUE!

We’ve never heard Sue sing, and who knows what the context is other than it being the Madonna Episode, but who cares? She did a great job singing the song and had Madonna’s motions from the video down. She even had time to give shout out of hatred to Schue.

So what did you think of Glee? What was your favorite performance? Ready for more Jesse St. James? Hating Vocal Adrenaline’s underhanded seduction of Rachel and possibly Schue? Excited for Madonna?



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  1. i am a certified Gleek and i really love the TV Show GLEE. Diana is very pretty :-*

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