Favorite Gleek Moments

Yesterday, the New York Post put up this photo of Tina and Kurt doing their best Lady Gaga!

Image via USA Today

Naturally this Gaga episode with “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance” performances will probably be added to the growing list of Glee‘s greatest moments.

And so, it’s very necessary to list some great¬†Glee moments. Some lack videos because they’re lacking in quality or non-existent. Here they are in no particular order:

Kurt Doing the Single Ladies Dance

Was there anything more hilarious, more outrageous, more fantastically Kurt?

Mercedes Singing and I Am Telling You

Mercedes always has been the self-proclaimed diva of show choir, the Beyonce, not the Kelly Rowland, but it was this moment, when she blew Jennifer Hudson out of the water (in jeans and a t-shirt) that she owned that title.

Any Time a Gleek is Slushied

Whether it’s the first time (or 100th time) Rachel Berry takes a slushy to the face, Kurt taking one for the team, or Quinn and Finn feeling what it’s like to drop into dork-dom, getting slushied is a Glee staple.

Artie Can Still…Function

There is NO VIDEO of THE wondrous moment in which Artie tells Tina, “I wanna be very clear. I still have use of my penis.” Way to make a date awkward, Artie.

Sue vs. Schu

Anytime Sue and Schuster have a verbal, or sometimes physical, battle it’s awesome.

Rachel’s Got a Crush (and so does Finn and Kurt)


Not only do Schu and Rachel do a great rendition of “Endless Love” but this scene was priceless. Rachel develops a crush on the very crushable William Schuster as we enjoy the thoughts of some Glee guys. Mr. Schu you shouldn’t have sung this song to her, “she looks crazy right now!” Best part was her chasing him around the piano.

Quinn Saying a Prayer or Hanging On

Quinn being a bitch, or telling Finn how dumb he is, or telling him they should pray rather than have sex is always great. So is her adorable cheerleader uniform, which I’m sure many guys like for other reasons. Enjoy her being adorable and angry (pre baby bump) while singing some of her few solos. Does anyone else want to learn the “Prayer” dance routine?

Puck Being a Hot Jew

Who doesn’t love the inner-workings of Puck’s mind? This cougar bagging hot Jew’s badass-ness is on display here. He needs to do a lot more to prove he’s not a Lima loser to Quinn. Especially after she only slept with him because she was drunk off of wine coolers and felt fat.

Don’t Rain on Rachel’s Parade


At the end of the day, Rachel Berry really is a star. She’s a dork for sure (she records herself singing and posts it online, wtf), but that girl has pipes! Dare I say she does a more entertaining version of “Don’t Rain on My Parade” than Babs? She totally saves the show choir in turbulent times with this one. Enjoy! Maybe sing in the shower!

Gleeks Gone Wild!

The Glee kids needed to get the people’s attention. And they do! Why is Artie so G? Why is Finn allowed to rap? Enjoy the sing along version!

There are tons of other fantastic Glee moments (like every Sue scene ever, Rachel trying to pull an Olivia Newton John, Finn’s Car Accident…). What are your favorite scenes?


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  1. carolinemm

    Gleeks gone wild!! Even funnier the second time. What about Don’t Stop Believing?? Here they are on Oprah: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CogIta9Luzs

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