Get Glee Ready with Twitter

After seeing a segment on Access Hollywood dedicated to the anticipation of Glee returning from a 4 month break, it seemed like more was needed to spice up the week leading to Glee. Especially with news that Olivia Newton John may be remaking her “Let’s Get Physical” video with Sue Sylvester.

Imagine Sue Sylvester in a Madonna bra. Now imagine her singing "Let's Get Physical". Glee is going to blow our minds.

Though watching repeats on FOX’s Web site are wonderful, as well as following FOX’s Gleek Week, there are other methods of prepping. One great way is through Twitter. Glee‘s characters have official Twitter accounts – and some of their tweets are hilarious.

Kurt's twitter continues the tradition of funny Kurt quotes, such as, "Get me to a day spa, STAT!"

In the tradition of shows like How I Met Your Mother with Barney Stinson’s Twitter account (BrosLife, which you all should follow because it’s fantastic!), Glee‘s Sue (S_SylvesterGLEE), Quinn (QuinnFabrayGLEE), Kurt (KurtHummelGLEE), and Rachel (RachelBerryGLEE) all have their own Twitter accounts. Here are some great tweets:

S_SylvesterGLEE: You spoke, Ohio, and I listened. Sue Sylvester just sent her resume in to American Gladiators.

RachelBerryGLEE: I’m confident that at some point, I’m going to be huge in Japan.

KurtHummelGLEE: I’m wearing an outfit inspired by “Designing Women”. I call it the “Full Delta Burke”.

QuinnFabrayGLEE: This Valentine’s Day, I want Cupid to fly down on his little wings with his little bow and arrow and make me not pregnant.

S_SylvesterGLEE: Contracted a wicked case of H1N1. You know how I’m going to fight it? Willpower.

KurtHummelGLEE: A true Super Bowl would be a soup tureen brimming with Cool Whip and Lane Bryant gift cards.

Even in the Twitterverse, Rachel Berry wants to be a star.

QuinnFabrayGLEE: Can you get liposuction while you’re still pregnant?

S_SylvesterGLEE: Just littered in front of a cop and it felt FANTASTIC.

RachelBerryGLEE: I wish I had an “n” in my name, as I would put a tilde over it to add a latin flair.

KurtHummelGLEE: I just watched 8 straight hours of QVC. I bought an amethyst brooch and 3 nativity sets. I need help.

QuinnFabrayGLEE: I think the third world needs to stop looking so down-trodden

S_SylvesterGLEE: Hipsters” are just ugly people who still get laid.

Follow the Gleek Gang on Twitter yourself and prepare to literally laugh out loud. Also Follow Glee! What are some other awesome ways you’re prepping for Glee‘s return? More Glee awesomeness to come this week!



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2 responses to “Get Glee Ready with Twitter

  1. carolinemm

    Hahaha! Sue is the best. Someone needs to pass on the information about hipsters…

  2. well, GLEE is the best musical tv series out there, nice characters and nice songs “–

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