One Week and Counting to Glee!

In case you didn’t already know (and if you didn’t please pretend you did), FOX’s Glee returns to TV a week from tonight! The show that’s part teen drama, part musical, part snark has been a monstrous hit for FOX and sparked a following of self proclaimed “Gleeks”.

And what can Gleeks expect in the next few episodes? Try cameos from Neil Patrick Harris, musical numbers of Lady Gaga songs, and an entire episode dedicated to MADONNA!

Glee! is coming back to TV. Are you all warmed up?

Glee had over 8 million viewers during the finale, “Sectionals,” despite being up against tough competition (Modern Family, Cougar Town). The show has garnered such popularity that the stars are going on tour this summer and have made several public apparences, including Monday’s Easter Egg Roll at the White House where they performed crowd favorite “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

Soon to be baby mama Quinn Fabray shows Rachel's coolness level.

The show is so loveable – the cast is supposedly besties off-screen and on-screen they’ve made dorks positively decent! The magic is the mix of teen drama (hello teen pregnancy, cougars in suburbia, students in wheelchairs, cheating), touching story lines, musical numbers, and evil awesomeness that is Sue Sylvester.

Sue Sylvester, Glee's resident villan, on her TV segment "Sue's Corner".

Glee has gotten tons of buzz lately – with a spread in Glamour, their naughty Rolling Stone cover, and winning a Peabody.

For the next few days, to build excitement (and try to channel my excitement into something useful) there will be a series of Glee related posts. I can hardly wait for April 13th! I want to see Mr. Schuester and NPH battle it out boy-band style! I want to see how Sue “C’s” it while in a Madonna coned bra! I want someone to sing “Telephone”!

Do you have your fingers in the shape of an L on your forehead? Are you guys excited for Glee‘s return? How are you coping? Listening to Acafellas sing “I Wanna Sex You Up” perhaps?


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