MTV Orders More Teen Drama

With the successful finale of Teen Mom, the spinoff of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, the music channel has now ordered more, more, more.

16 and Pregnant is coming back to MTV.

Teen Mom ended its first season with 3.6 million viewers. It’s second season, eight episodes of teens trying to be parents, will begin this summer. 16 and Pregnant will be coming back with more new episodes on Feb. 16, which promise to stay true to the focus of educating viewers about the complications and difficulties in school, relationships, and health for pregnant teens, and hopefully preventing teen pregnancy.

But that doesn’t seem to be enough for MTV!

They’ve already begun hype for the second season of Taking the Stage, the docu-reality show that follows teens at a performing arts school in Ohio. (It’s basically Fame, but not as awesome and there’s no dancing in the cafeteria to “Hot Lunch”) The new season starts Thursday night and there are rumors that the show will now include a “confessional” for the teen dancers, singers, and actors to discuss the drama in their lives.

MTV has also launched My Life As Liz, which can only be described as an amalgamation of every 90’s teen drama that came on Nickelodeon. Liz, the title character, rocks Claire Danes’ hair from My So-Called Life, she has weird monologue moments shared with the camera a la Sister Sister or Clarissa Explains It All, and she’s just so “out-there” and “different” and “edgy” that she has her own crazy style that looks like Blossom meets Alex Mack at a Nirvana concert.

Meet Liz!

my so called new show

MTV's So-Called "New" show, My Life as Liz, has a title character that looks kind of like Claire Danes in My So-Called Life.

Will My Life As Liz gain cult status like Clarissa Explains It All?

And now Reality TV World is reporting that MTV is betting on a new series, If You Really Knew Me. The show, “follows five high school students from different cliques as they experience a program designed to break down those barriers.” What is this? The Breakfast Club: the series? Can’t wait to see how “breaking down” those cliques will work out.

MTV's new show is basically the Breakfast Club: the TV Series.

Aside from the Real World (which is bombing this season) and Jersey Shore, teen shows seem to be MTV’s new focus. They obviously aren’t invested in music anymore (unless you count the videos shown from 6-8 AM, yawn. You got to see more videos during TRL, even if they were truncated versions with screaming fans).

Perhaps MTV should change its name. It’s clearly not Music Television. Maybe Teen Television? TTV? How about Pregnant Teens TV? PTTV?

What do you think about MTV’s new shows? Should they change their name?



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3 responses to “MTV Orders More Teen Drama

  1. Melissa

    Wait, mtv is supposed to be about music? Seriously? I think that pregnant teen tv is the best name. So many pregnancy shows!

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  3. vickie

    so true!!

    true dat, true dat!

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