Sex Sells, Especially with Teens

So it seems that the number one show in the U.K. on Thursday night was Skins. Skins, the popular show on cable channel E4 beat out Secret Diary of a Call Girl. They got an amazing 1.1 million viewers! Woo!

In case you don’t already know, Skins is a teen drama that follows some British teens as they deal with dysfunctional families, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and sexuality. In comparison to U.S. teen dramas, there’s harder drugs and a lot more nudity, not to mention a diverse group of teens (racially and socioeconomically. Not just rich kids here!) It’s like a hotter, dirtier, naughtier version of Gossip Girl, and it receives the same scathing reviews from critics, which makes it just as irresistible to watch.

One of the original ads for Skins. So naughty, so awesome!

Skins is currently in its fourth season and if you’ve never watched, there’s no time to start like the present (U.S. kids have no excuse – it comes on BBC America!). Don’t be surprised to find the super hot Dev Patel in the original cast pre Slumdog Millionaire success!

Good to see that those scandalous teens are still getting dirty and going strong!



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4 responses to “Sex Sells, Especially with Teens

  1. Laura

    Such a good show, especially the first two seasons. When is it coming to MTV?!

  2. I love Skins. But you already knew that. ;-)I’m going to have my recaps of Season 4 up soon. So stay tuned!

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