Teen Drama Drought

There are many things about late January that just aren’t cool. It’s cold. There’s often snow. Cherries are out of season. We’re all out of shape because of holiday feasting. And worst of all – There is a teen drama drought!

The networks sometimes like to put a series, not just teen shows, but all shows, on hiatus at some point in the season. The reason? Well, a lot of it has to do with ratings and money. Typically, a show’s season starts and its arc begins to climax during “sweeps” (the months of November, February, May, and July). Then there’s a hiatus and the show returns with new episodes during another month of “sweeps”.

Right now, we are in between “sweeps”. That means, there’s not a desperate need to draw in those crazy ratings. Until late February, teen dramas are at a minimum.

The Vampire Diaries do the 50's in tomorrow night's episode at 8PM.

There are new episodes of the Vampire Diaries, which include a silly fifties theme tomorrow night (what? Are we doing themed episodes a la GG’s 80s flashback and Buffy’s “Once More with Feeling now?) and there are new episodes of the Secret Life of the American Teenager, which are usually very predictable. Teen Mom starts up again next week. However, we’re seriously lacking shows like GLEE, Melrose Place, Degrassi and Gossip Girl.

Sadly, until their return we are forced to watch reruns.



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2 responses to “Teen Drama Drought

  1. Ok so I stopped watching Vampire Diaries because I didn’t have enough time, but seriously what is with the 50s theme episode? i watched the show until about November and I can’t imagine how or why this would fit in!

    Also the cast is on the cover of this month’s Nylon and I am very surprised by that. Such a weird fit!

  2. Ally Hickson

    So true! It’s getting ridiculous. I too am unsure of how snagged Nylon.

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